10 things to do in Santorini
If there was an official bucket list of 10 things for Santorini, this is it.

10 must do’s when in Santorini!

  1. Go sailing and live a unique yachting experience
  2. Explore Oia’s sunset and leave all your thoughts behind
  3. Visit ancient Akrotiri and explore the historical view of the island
  4. Swim at the Volcano and feel the volcanic vibes
  5. Go on wine tour and experience a different taste of the island
  6. Taste the local cuisine and explore unique gastronomic proposals
  7. Experience Scuba Diving and meet the underwater world of the island
  8. Take a donkey ride in Fira crossing the paved street of the village
  9. Visit Prophet Elias and admire the panoramic view over the Aegean Sea
  10. Stand at the point of Light House and enjoy the breathtaking view.